Tennessee Aquarium FAQ

Pack 236 has a great Camp-In planned at the Tennessee Aquarium on Saturday December 3, 2016.

Aquarium Address for GPS is One Broad Street, Chattanooga, TN 37402  

Chattanooga offers lots of fun activities for the family if you are looking to make a long weekend and include other family members in your trip.  Due to participant limitations by the Aquarium, the Camp-In itself is limited to 80 participants.  

Below you will find information to help guide your arrival time for the Camp-In, where to meet, what to pack, and other details about the trip.  Should you need any further information pertaining to the Camp-In, please contact our Outdoor Activities Chair, Alice Clark, via email at outings@pack236.com.

Updated 11/17/16:

Although our Sleep In The Deep program officially begins at 6:00pm, the IMAX showtime that we have selected is 4:00PM to ensure folks have time to get to see an IMAX show and to visit the museum shop prior to our evening program beginning.

In case you aren't familiar with the Chattanooga Area, the IMAX Theatre is in a different building a few blocks from the main Aquarium.  

IMAX Movie Time 4:00 pm  Secret Ocean

Museum Shop Time 5:00 pm  (Closes at 6pm)

Meet at large white tent between Two Aquarium Buildings:  5:45 pm

We recommend arriving at the IMAX Theater at 3:30pm to have time to use the restroom, purchase snacks/drinks, and get your ticket from the Pack 236 representative at the Theater.  There will not be room for your camping gear in the movie.  After the movie, return to your vehicle to obtain your items for the Sleep In.

You may also find it helpful to download the Tennessee Aquarium App to your iPhone or Android.  http://www.tnaqua.org/app

What time should we arrive at the Aquarium?  Camp-In arrival time is 5:30pm, however IMAX showtime is 4:00PM so plan on getting to the IMAX at 3:30pm.  Program starts immediately at 6:00pm.

Where do we meet? Pack 236 participants should meet at the River Journey Member's Reception entrance at the large white tent.  This is located between the two Aquarium buildings.  6:00pm program begins.

Program details:  Tour of Ocean Journey with Behind the Scenes stop, dinner, IMAX film, tour of River Journey with Behind the Scenes stops, snack, critter encounter, continue tour of Ocean Journey, bed down around 11:30pm, lights out at midnight, breakfast at 7:30AM, final touring in River Journey, leave at 8:30am (Aquarium opens again at 10 AM for separate single ticket entry)

Where/When will we sleep?

Participants will bring their sleeping bag/bedding in at the beginning of the event and carry it via stairs or an elevator from the parking lot to the sleeping gallery.  The sleeping area is not private.  There are plenty of safety lights so you are not submerged in complete darkness.  You will be sleeping on hard concrete with a thin carpet so you should consider bringing a sleeping pad or inflatable mattress.  

Bed down at 11:30pm as the lighting turns off at midnight.  You will sleep along the walkways and open spaces in the galleries in a space that’s not as wide as a 4 person tent might give you.  Plan on everybody arranging in single-bed size/sleeping bag configurations.  The walkways aren’t wide enough for more than a twin bed air mattress.  

Access to electricity is a bit limited so battery powered inflators for air mattresses are the way to go.  

Bathroom Facilities with sinks are available for teeth brushing but there are no showers available at the Aquarium.

What is included in the meals?  Please note no outside food or drink permitted.  If your child has food allergies, please contact Alice Clark via email at outings@pack236.com.  

  • Dinner – Two slices of pepperoni or cheese pizza, carrots, a cookie, lemonade or water

  • Snacks – Water along with bags of Chex Mix, Cheez-its, pretzels or similar items.

  • Breakfast – Mini bagels and spreads with a selection of fruit juices (Coffee will be available for adults)

Will there be time to look in the Gift Shops?  

The gift shops at River Journey and Ocean Journey close for the day at 6:00pm and do not open again until 10AM.  If you care to look in the shops, please plan to arrive by 5:00pm.

Directions and Parking:


The closest and easiest parking area to use is directly in front of the River Journey building and is paid at a flat rate.  

What do we wear?  Please wear a scout related shirt.  It’s common for folks to wear the Pack236 t-shirt with a long sleeve shirt underneath.  What you wear should be comfortable to sleep in overnight and likely in layers in case you get too warm or too cool.

What do we bring?

Sleeping bag, Change of Clothes, tooth brush/tooth paste.  What you bring you will be responsible for carrying and keeping up with.  Please label your clothing .

Waiver of Liability

Each participant will need to complete a Waiver of Liability for themselves and their scout(s) to be turned in at the event to your Den Leader.


What if my family wants to make a long weekend out of this trip to Chattanooga?  

Registration for the Camp-In covers entrance for all registered scouts and their parent/guardian, for a 5:30pm admission on Saturday to the Overnight Camp-In Event.  Entry into the Aquarium prior to that time is a separate expense for everyone.  

If families want to visit the Aquarium separately, we recommend planning on going up early on Saturday to fully access the Aquarium.  Entry times are 10 AM to 6PM daily.   There are two buildings that make up the Tennessee Aquarium which can take several hours to tour.