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Cub-O-Ree: What to Bring and other Info

posted Sep 26, 2011, 11:26 PM by Drew Evangelista   [ updated Dec 11, 2011, 11:48 PM by Cub Master ]
Quick Request:  If you would please text the Cubmaster, Drew (404-797-2343), when you leave Atlanta to come up to the campgrounds that will help out a lot so he knows when to roughly expect people.  Please include your name, scout's name, and den in the text (not everyone in the pack is in his phone book) :).
Good news!  The weather is expected to be perfect for fall camping this weekend.  A high in the low 70s and a low in the mid 40s (which is still chilly, so have warm things for night time).
Requested thing to bring:
●  If each family would please bring a pack of firewood it would be appreciated (should be available now at the grocery and home stores).  We already have a whole box of duraflame logs.
Suggested things to bring:
●  tent and tarp underneath
●  sleeping bag, pad (or air mattress) and pillow
●  flashlights and/or lanterns
●  camping/beach chairs
●  change of clothes and shoes
●  TP and toothbrush and toothpaste
●  Food as needed for Friday dinner and Monday breakfast (pack provides lunch - Sunday breakfast)

Optional things to bring:

●  portable stove (if you have an extra one it would be great to bring it)
●  skewers/hangers/sticks for roasting marshmallows
●  cooler for water/drinks (drinks for meals provided)
●  camera, binoculars, watch, walkie talkies, first-aid kit
●  compass, whistle, sunglasses, sunscreen
●  paper towels, wet wipes, trash bags
●  fishing pole for fishing on Sunday or during break time

Things to leave at home:

●  electronic games, etc. of any kind
●  trading/gaming cards – Pokémon, Magic, etc.
●  pocket knifes – unless they have their Whittling Chip
●  alcohol and tobacco (for smokers – do not smoke in front of the boys, slip away if you absolutely need to)          

Camping Equipment Information:

Camping equipment can be readily purchased from stores such as REI, Sports Authority, and and D**k's Sporting Goods; Wal-Mart is also an option but not recommended for tents, can be hit or miss. 
REI also has equipment for rent on a limited first come, first serve basis from REI.  REI has at least two Atlanta stores, one in Sandy Springs towards Perimeter Mall and one off of the I-85 access road inside I-285 near Clairmont Rd.