Pack 236 is going to spend the night on the USS Yorktown Naval Ship!

Please read the information below for specific details about our trip and the registration process.  Please email Alice Clark, our Outdoor Activity Chair, at outings@pack236.com with any questions.

Patriots Point Website: http://www.patriotspoint.org/

Please download the booklet linked at the bottom of the page as well.

Dates, Cost, Registration Information

Friday, February 24-Sunday February 26

2/24/17 Group 1 (One Night Stay Only)

·       Arrival time:  7:30pm on 2/24/17

·       Board USS Yorktown at 7:45pm

·       $41 per person

·       Space limited to 5 Females, 15 Males

Option 1: 20 spaces for an overnight stay on 2/24/2017 with a 7:30pm arrival time; departure from ship at 9AM on 2/25/2017- Option 1 does include the 10:00AM Fort Sumter tour.  $41 per person.

Option 1 will include Breakfast on 2/25/2017.  As we board at 7:45pm on 2/24/17, folks should eat dinner prior to arrival to Patriots Point.

2/24/17 - 2/25/17 – Group 2 (Two Night Stay)

·       Arrival time:  7:30pm on 2/24/17; departure 9AM on 2/26/17

·       Load onto USS Yorktown is 7:45pm on 2/24/17

·       $61 per person

·       Space limited to 45 Males, 5 Females

Option 2:  50 spaces for a two-night stay on 2/24 and 2/25 with a 7:30pm arrival time on 2/24/2017; departure on 2/26/2017 $61 per person.

Option 2 will include Day Two Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner; Day 3 Breakfast. As we board at 7:45pm on 2/24/17, folks should eat dinner prior to arrival to Patriots Point.

·       Both packages include Fort Sumter on Saturday morning!  More information about this is provided below.

·       These prices reflect special Pack 236 pricing

·       Any late parties may not be permitted onto the ship by Patriots Point Staff.

Please read the details below prior to registering.  Also, please understand that registration is first come, first served and your slot will only be guaranteed upon payment.  We have limited spacing available as outlined above, should your reservation come in after slots are filled, we will try to obtain more space for you or you will receive a refund. 

Pack 236 must load as a group on Friday night.  We ask that everyone be at the Pier no later than 7:30pm to ensure we are ready to board at 7:45pm.  Upon arrival at the Pier, please text 404-723-6402 with all members in your party.  This will assist in confirming our entire group is checked in and we can board on time. 

Please note that it will be February and could be cold and raining when you arrive.  You will need to hang out in your car until 7:45pm because there isn’t a large meeting place for our group at the Pier.  A link to restaurants near Patriots Point is provided below.

Shortly after boarding, we will participate in an orientation program conducted by the Scout Duty Officer where the rules of conduct, fire drill and other standards of behavior are explained.  We will then participate in a fire drill and physically traverse the escape route.  This will ensure everyone is on board ready to participate in the mandatory fire drill.  All campers must participate in the Fire Drill or they will not be permitted to sleep overnight on the ship.  Please notify Outdoor Chair of any persons with disabilities so PP can be notified.

All campers must be at least 6 years of age and all campers must be accompanied by a same gender Parent/Guardian due to Patriots Point berthing units being divided by gender. 

I.e. if you are a Male parent/Guardian and are bringing your son and daughter to Patriots Point, you must register a female adult to sleep in the Female Berthing area with your daughter.  If you are the Female parent/Guardian and are bringing your son and daughter, you must register a male adult to sleep in the male Berthing area with your son.

All adults attending this trip MUST take the Youth Protection Act Training and provide printed proof of taking it upon arrival at the Pack Meeting prior to the trip on January 23. 

Due to berthing limitations, last minute camper reservations are not permitted. 

What is the registration process?

All registration links are posted on www.pack236.com.

Payment is required upon registration.   Your spot will not be confirmed unless payment is received upon registration.  Registration will close January 8thwith no late registration option available.

Patriots Point Phone numbers:

Main 843-884-2727

After hours Camping Office 843-881-5937

Emergency/after hours: 843-860-2345


Who do I contact about food allergies?

Contact Patriots Point Caterer at 843-375-1366 or via email at nsnowden@topshelfcateringcompany.com  The catering staff needs to be notified prior to arrival to ensure food allergies can be properly arranged for ahead of time.

Please note that our Outdoor Activity Chair would also like to know who our food allergy participants are so I can follow up with PP to ensure they are all set. 

Restaurants in Mount Pleasant, SC  https://goo.gl/maps/duqbRAEz1j92

As we will be boarding a ship in February for our Tour of Fort Sumter, PLEASE send weather appropriate clothing and outerwear.  Please also label all your belongings with First and Last Name.  All individuals are responsible for carrying their own luggage on to the ship. 

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Dec 31, 2016, 12:31 PM